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Thanks, Stuart for our defibrillator awareness sessions

Cedarbarn's in house baker Ramona during the defibrillator awareness session

The team benefitted from defibrillator awareness sessions.

We want to say a big thank you to Stuart Moss who is the Watch Manager at Pickering Fire Station and ran some defibrillator awareness sessions for us here recently.

Cedarbarn’s owners, Karl and Mandy Avison were encouraged to host the sessions for the team after attending a session at Pickering Fire Station pre-Christmas.

Stuart ran two sessions for 24 members of our team of 38 to raise awareness of how to use the defibrillator that we have on-site.

“There was an incident in the town before Christmas and it became apparent that people didn’t know where the nearest defibrillator was. It prompted me to host some awareness sessions at the station to give people the confidence to use a defibrillator and to do CPR correctly and effectively. Karl and Mandy attended a session and I offered to come and talk to the team,” said Stuart.

Our in-house baker, Ramona Voicu, pictured enjoyed the session: “It was really interesting. We got the opportunity to have a go with some training aids and practice using the defibrillator. I hadn’t appreciated how physically demanding it is to do chest compressions for a full two minutes, or how the correct technique can be critical to the outcome of CPR. I hope that we never have to use the defibrillator but feel a lot more confident about using it in an emergency.”

“We’re very grateful to Stuart for sharing his expertise and equipping the team with confidence and vital skills,” concluded Karl Avison.

Pickering is one of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s 24 on-call stations. For more information about defibrillator awareness sessions, contact