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Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own

* Please note that the PYO fruit season is now finished.*

We have eight acres of soft fruit at Cedarbarn, all available for visitors to either pick themselves or buy in the shop. This is a really popular activity with local families. We grow many different kinds of fruit and, as well as selling them, we use them in our café for mouth-watering tarts, crumbles and summer puddings. We even put them into our own jams and chutneys so they can be enjoyed all year round and we can make sure that no fruit ever goes to waste.

We've recently installed a cutting-edge irrigation system for our soft fruits which ensures they're perfectly watered all the time and super-juicy, so there's something to pick all summer long…


We grow six different varieties of strawberry which ripen at different times, which means you can pick strawberries here from the early 'Christine' variety, grown under fleece and available at the beginning of June, right through to 'Flamenco' in October. We have also just introduced an area of table-top strawberry plants situated close to the café, which means that our more elderly or infirm customers are now able to pick their own too!

Other soft fruits

Gooseberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and blueberries are available in June and July , with raspberries ready to pick at the end of July.

Come and discover the fabulous taste of freshly-picked summer fruits!

Apples and plums

We have over 30 different types of apples at Cedarbarn – everything from apples for eating, for cooking and even for cider-making! None of our fruit is wasted as what doesn’t sell goes to make Cedarbarn’s delicious jams and chutneys.

What's available?





Everything apart from asparagus and rhubarb is available for you to pick yourselves.