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Supporter Profile – Sam by the Sea

Huge thanks to Sam, a long-time friend of Mandy’s, who held a sample sale at her shop and raised £2,000 for Karl’s Ride of Their Lives Appeal.

Sam by the Sea is a womenswear and lifestyle retail store at 41 High Street. Elie, Fife. Scotland. It is open daily from March to October and is well worth a look if you’re in the area. Here’s what some of Sam’s customers say:

“Just the most fabulous boutique! Gorgeous clothes, very reasonably priced and the stock is ever-changing. I love It!”

“Travelled down from St Andrews and got myself some fabulous pieces … will be back … lovely shop and Sam is so helpful”

“I look for this shop everytime l come on holiday glad to see your back in elie was in a few weeks ago and got some gorgeous tops back up next week 😍highly recommend 🛍 💗

“Visited the shop last weekend and it’s literally now my favourite shop! Everything is totally my style. Love the stars and prints. Can’t wait to get back some time.”

Check out Sam’s facebook page for more information.