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Cedarbarn has been nominated for many awards! Take a look here to see how we've been recognised for the quality of our produce and cuisine.

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On the Farm!

Farm Activities

The 200 acre Cedarbarn Farm is a hive of activity all year round as we work with the seasons to grow and deliver the best possible produce. We farm Aberdeen Angus cattle and Charolais Cross lambs and grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The care and welfare of our animals is of paramount importance to us; this means that not only do they have a better life than most animals destined for the plate, they taste better too!

Karl is in charge of the farm, helped by various family members.

We love to help people understand the importance of the provenance of food and sustainable food production, so have established a digital display in our shop that shows photos of our herds, the farm and the processes of planting and harvesting, so that visitors can clearly see how we do things.

We also think it's especially important that children learn about where their food comes from, so are happy to be involved in various educational projects; for example we have recently established a Farm Club in conjunction with Thornton Dale primary school.

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Contact Us

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