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Cedarbarn Dog Field Rules

Users need to comply with the following rules to ensure the field runs in a manner that benefits everybody. Non-compliance will mean you are barred from using the field.

Booking - You may only use the field if you have a booking, bookings are prepaid and made via the Cedarbarn website.

  • The field is appointment only and you have exclusive use of the field, so there are no other people or dogs inside the field.

  • Please wait in your car or away from the entrance so the previous user can leave the field safely. If you arrive late to your appointment, you must still leave once your appointment slot is finished.

  • If you arrive early please stay inside your car until the previous booking are back in their car, or have exited the field.

  • When you enter the field please re-lock the field from the inside, this stops other people entering and stops non-members reading the padlock code.

  • Some dogs using this field are reactive so it is essential that you leave the field and are back in your car by the end of your booked time slot.

  • Please stick to the time slot booked and leave promptly so the next user can have access.

  • On leaving the field, please always close the inner gate and the outer gate, even if somebody is waiting to come in. This ensures everyone knows the code and is important for safety.

  • Control - Please keep your dog on a lead until you are in the field with the gate locked.

    Poo bags must to be used - You must take your own dog poo bags and collect your own dog’s faeces in a suitable (preferably biodegradable) bag and put it in the bin provided.

    No digging allowed - due to the risk of injury to other dogs if running fast we cannot allow digging in the field. You must stop your dog and fill any holes in before leaving the field.

    Smoking - No smoking in the field. Please go onto the public road if you wish to smoke.

    Biosecurity - We cannot guarantee that everybody has their dogs immunised so the risk of infectious diseases is the same as going for a normal dog walk. This is the same for natural issues such as ticks and grass seeds.

    Rubbish - We are happy for members to bring picnics to the field but please take your rubbish home with you or leave in the bin provided.

    Toilets - There are toilets available on site accessible at the Cedarbarn Café, however please ensure your dog is not with you when you use the toilets.

    Cancellations - You may rearrange your booking slot up to 2 hours before the booking time. This is done via the link at the bottom of the confirmation email.

    Please act considerately towards others on site at all time.

    Please call 07506 662 124 if the previous booking are late to leave the field.


    This is not a manicured park and the ground is uneven so please take care when walking around the field. The Owner(s)/Supervisor(s) of dog(s) use Cedarbarn Dog Field and associated areas at their own risk.

    The Management does not accept liability for any accident, injury or misadventure or damage to person, animal or property however so incurred.



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